I have always loved dogs. I was born in my parent’s house and in that house was a dog. I can’t remember ever being without dogs around. I went to my first obedience class when I was 10 years old.

We had a beautiful Irish Setter, Tara – and I won some rosettes in obedience with her. When she died, we got another Irish Setter, Dana. She was a rescue and had some behavioural problems. She became my dog and I loved her so much. She was bonkers and a challenge but we loved each other. She died at 16 years old when I was 22.

Just after that I got my own flat and bought a puppy from a pet shop who was to be my constant companion and best friend for the next 16 years. As a partnership, Elsa and I were very successful in agility. She was an amazing dog, I only had to show her something once and she understood. She saw me through many ups and down in my life.

I then decided to show dogs as well as do agility, and purchased a Bullmastiff, Tzana in 1987. She gained 3 res CC’s and 2 CC’s. Her coat never came back after a litter so we never showed her again. This was when I became interested in raw food.

I started with horse meat from the knacker’s yard, and ‘lights’ (offal) from the butchers, and the odd free bone the butcher gave us. The dogs absolutely loved it and stopped smelling like dogs! I spent the next few years sourcing raw food (usually from the abattoir) to feed my dogs on. Tripe was a particular favourite. Tzana lived until she was 10 when she died of heart failure. Both she and Elsa never had a day at the vet (apart from for vaccinations) in their whole lives.

Throughout the years, I have been a bit of an anorak when it comes to dogs in general but their nutrition is something I have researched for many years. I believe raw food is the only things dogs need. The don’t need anything processed and it is beyond me that people pay ridiculous sums of money to feed their dogs food which is biologically inappropriate for them. Advertising is very clever and makes people think they are doing the best for their dogs, when all they need is raw meat, bones and offal.

I have owned and loved various dogs over the years; Border Collies, Mongrels and Bullmastiffs. I now have two English Shepherds (a rare breed we imported from USA) www.edenvillage.co.uk and an English Mastiff who eats 6-7lb of meat per day and slobbers everywhere!

I breed English Shepherds now and they are weaned onto raw food. It’s great to see them tucking into their first mince or trying to devour a chicken wing with their tiny teeth!


I first had a dog when I was two years old and have owned or had one (or more) in the house ever since. Most (until I met Jackie!) have been mongrels, or crossbreeds as they’re now known. They varied in size from small and feisty to large and lazy. I don’t know whether I could contemplate ever living without a dog in the house.

When Jackie and I met, we fell in love with a puppy in a pet shop near to where we both worked. As this was Saudi Arabia, you can imagine the difficulties we faced as the dog we bought as a Bull Mastiff actually turned out to be a badly bred Mastiff. However, we had a great life together with Bill, as we called him, alternating between lying out in the blazing sun and lying inside in air conditioned comfort.

Fortunately, raw food was readily available and Bill happily tucked into Camel Tripe, Goat Bones and all the other delights on offer. He thrived on this and was loved by everyone who knew him.

We continue to feed all our dogs and their puppies on raw food. I have read that some vets and other “experts” have occasionally advised against a raw diet. I believe that the Pet Food Industry is worth hundreds of millions of pounds so are unlikely to invest in opinions which cost them money. I also believe that I will feed our dogs dry or tinned food when I see a wolf tucking into a bowl of shredded wheat.