Well, would YOU like to eat the nutritional equivalent of a pot noodle, the same flavour, every single day of your life?

Your dog is a carnivore. Although dogs are lovely, domesticated pets, their guts have not changed since they were wild. Look at your dog’s teeth – see how sharp and pointy they are compared to yours? That’s because they are built to tear at meat. Their digestive tract is much shorter than ours, so they have less time to absorb nutrients but they can also expel some toxins faster. So raw food is not a problem to dogs. The stomach pH in dogs and cats is much lower than that of humans, meaning they are able to break down raw meat and bone. In fact, it is much more easily digested than cooked.

No matter how small or large your dog is, he/she needs muscle meat, bone and offal in it’s diet. NOT wheat or rice! Why would a dog eat those things? Truth is, they wouldn’t. Commercial dog foods have lots of these 2 things in them because they are CHEAP. But they go in one end and out the other!

Some of the benefits you will find if you feed your dog raw food are:
• Fresher breath, cleaner whiter teeth • Better overall health
• Reduction in allergies • Fewer and better formed poos!
• More stable energy – less hyperactivity
• Better digestion and less digestive upsets such as colitis, runny stools
• Clears up anal gland issues • Less flatulence • Glossier coats • No itchiness