Cliff was sluggish and overweight with bad breath. He had loose stools and terrible flatulence. We found out he is wheat intolerant and went to Edenvillage Pantry to try him on raw food. Jackie was a great help in advising us what to feed him and we are so glad we went there. The difference in him, in just a few days, was remarkable. His breath, his smell, what comes out the other end and his behaviour have all improved dramatically. He is so excited to eat his dinner now! We wish we had done this years ago.

Mr. & Mrs. Geldard, Darlington


I rescued Poppy and she had terrible skin. She had to have steroids regularly and also antibiotics. She had to have a special bath three times a week. The vet had tried everything, when Jackie at Eden Pantry suggested I try her on a raw diet. We started with one protein and built up. Now she has no steroids, no antibiotics and no baths. Her skin is perfect now. I took her back to the vets to show him the change and he was amazed. I can’t recommend Eden Pantry highly enough.

Mrs. Lord, Eston


Ike would not eat a thing and was so ill. The vet did ten biopsies and could not find out what was wrong with him. Raw food saved his life.

Mrs. Marshall, Billingham


Finn came to us fed on Wagg, he was very agitated and hyperactive. He had fur missing from around his eyes and skin sores. We switched him to raw straight away and the fur around his eyes grew back and sores disappeared. His hyperactivity has gone too.

Mr. Atkinson, Hartlepool


Our new boy Troika, a two and a half year old greyhound, before raw (top photo) and now, five weeks of being on raw from Eden Pantry.

Mrs. M Bradley, Middlesbrough


I have two dogs that changing to raw feeding has really benefitted. In fact, it saved the life of one due to severe IBD. Abi, a rescue and badly abused Collie, has severe IBD and lost weight from 19kg to 12 kg over a six month period. She faced being put to sleep as she was becoming emaciated and her body was started eating its own muscle.

Ms. McCarron, Redcar


Ace, another of my Border Collies, has two auto immune blood disorders and since changing to raw his bloods have stayed low and he’s in remission.

Ace’s owner


I wanted to start my puppy, Una, off the right way and give her raw food but I didn’t have a clue where to start. Jackie from Eden Pantry gave me advice on what to start on and it’s not as complicated as I thought it was. I get all my puppy’s food and treats from Jackie, either she or Jim deliver to my home which is fantastic as I have three children. Una eats all her food and her coat is beautifully shiny. She doesn’t smell like a dog at all… lol!

Miss Lowrie, Bankfields